4mm Marlow Excel D12. The control line used by Olympians.


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Marlow Excel D12 is a 12 Strand 100% dyneema construction with a PU coating for UV and Abrasion resistance. Strength for strength it is lighter than steel. If you want to downsize and save weight in the Rig and on Deck then this lightweight line offers high strength with flexibility. Available in white with various colour flecks by the metre.



d12_redROPEXD123 - 3mm Marlow Excel D12 Rope.  The control line used

Available in LIME (white/lime fleck) , BLUE, RED or WHITE.

Select the number of metres and colour you want.

Designed for durability Excel D12 now has the new Armourcoat high penetration coating for even better wear resistance and protection. Its tolerance to abrasion is excellent and it is resistant to degradation from UV light. With a specific gravity of 0.98 this line will float, has zero water uptake and can be spliced very quickly.

Special features: Lightweight and flexible - Pre-Stretched and heat set - High strength to weight ratio - No water absorption, will float - Quick and easy to splice, even when afloat - Marlow Armourcoat with UV and abrasion protection - Excellent for Strops, Lashings and Trapeze Lines - Excellent alternative to wire


Item Reviews

Henry Haslett
This rope is amazing. Have just put on my P as an endless vang. Tested fine so far in 20knots plus.
Andy Maloney
The Marlow Excel D12 is definitely my first choice always for a Laser traveller system. It is high quality, and cleats really well making it the best traveller rope around. It also lasts for ages, before needing to be replaced making it good value
Rachel Basevi
I only ever use Marlow D12 4mm for my Laser traveller. It has zero stretch and is 100% reliable making it an easy choice
Buy 4mm Marlow Excel D12.  The control line used by Olympians.  in NZ.



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