Manta Mono Kitefoil set

MAN Mono Kite

 Kitefoil Freeride.  Entry and intermediate level hydrofoil, stable super easy for beginners.  Moderate speed take off and moderate top speed.  Provides higher speed and maneuverability over the easyflight.

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Included in Kitefoil kit:

kite freeride G10 front wing
stabilizer G10
90cm mast
standard fuselage
short nose for kitefoil
fusealge tail
spacers set
screws set
tef gel kit
allen key set
mantafoils bag

The new Manta Mono Kite-hydrofoil set contains all the bits you need to have an inspiring experience flying over the water. With the longer mast the flight is easy to control and the short nose ensures, that the produced lift is acting underneath the rider, who is standing further back on the board compared to Wind - foiling. The ride with Kite-hydofoil is easily contrable and quick with plenty of maneuverability.  Spacer and screws allow to adjust the angle of the stabilizer wind at the back. When it faces upward, the lift is enhanced and moves further to the front, which lifts the board earlier. Facing downwards, the stabilizer reduces the lift and higher speeds can be reached, as the centre of effort moves back.





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