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Exactly a decade ago Patrik put his first Formula board into production and today he is the only shaper who has supported the discipline by continuing to design, shape and register a Formula design at every possible registration date.

This substantial period of continued development has allow Patrik to maintain a race winning Formula. Whilst the revolutionary invert-V feature has changed the way the new FV3 rides, it has also opened up new doors for Patrik to experiment with new shapes, which all equates to a noticable leap forward in performance this year.

Patrik: "The Formula design was my entry ticket into the shaping scene and today I'm still fascinated by this unique discipline. Recently someone reminded me that ever since my very first production Formula design, I remain the only shaper not to have missed out on registering a Formula board since. It makes me proud to know that many other brands have had to stop with their Formula designs or had to change shaper in order to keep up! I hope you enjoy reading about the new FV3 - I'm sure you'd enjoy riding this new evolution of PATRIK Formula design even more!"









tail width

at 300mm

nose width

at 2000mm



fin box

Fomula V3






4 inc

(7 positions) 

deep tuttle





Early planing, acceleration and top speed are the most important aspects of this shape whilst being lightweight and stiff are the main requirements of the construction. It can prove difficult to build such a big board light because every reinforcement adds weight.

However, smart combinations of layyering and the positioning of reinforcements ensure that the board withstands all the heavy pressure of pushing this board up and downwind whilst remaining light.

Due to the new board riding higher on the water and impacting less against the chop, we wereable to increase the stiffness by applying the invert-V shape throughout the whole deck and with a full Carbon Biax 45-45 we reduced the torsion at the same time.

The tail shape invert-V on the bottom runs into a very strong positive-V shape under the mast track which also helps stifen the board and this in combination with a full carbon unidirectional as a final layer proved the best combination of shape and construction during testing.

Technology - Composite Semi Custom Sandwhich

Core Material - EPS (Styrofoam)

Sandwich Material - PVC Sheet

Final Lamination - Deck: Full Carbon Biax 45-45 / Bottom: Full Carbon Unidirectional 0




Shape Details

General Info -

The main difference and advantage of the invert-V is that the water flows along the invert-V surface towards the centre of the bottom shape and concentrates in the middle of the board to give more lift. This hyrdrofoil effect means that the board rides higher above the water and glides freely over the chop. Due to this effect it was possible to change many other details of the shape to improve overall performance without losing the existing performance benefits.

Scoop Rocker Line -The old rocker line didn't work with the invert-V concept because it was unstable across the axle, so we replaced it with the new rocker line from the Slalom 128 to harmonise with this concept.

Outline - Due to the hydro effect of the invert-V concept the board feels more free. This enabled us to ectend and straighten the tail outline to improve the rail power under the back strap so the rider can keep pushing the upwind angle at lower speeds. This small detail really helps right at the start of a race and immediately after tacking.

Bottom Shape - As well as the inert-V in the tail the bottom shape also changed around the mast track area and incorporates more V than the previous model. This addition makes the rails sit higher above the water and in combination with a 5cm wide bevel, which raises them even higher, means they almost never touch the water even on very deep downwind heading.

Deck Shape - With the new board riding higher on the water we incerted the deck shape to lower the mast track position and keep the connection point of the rig at the same level as the previous model. This helps to keep the board controllable and makes the shape a bit stiffer at the same time. The seck shape at the downwind strap is angled and allows for a more comfortable stance.

Rail Shape - The above combination of changes made for a steady riging position, so we were able to shape the back foot rail a bit more boxy to allow the rider to push harder going upwind. The back foot rail size/ width can be tuned with the adjustable wing setup. The combination of increasing V and the 5cm wide bevel mean the actual rail is thinner, but higher to keep it off the water as long as possible.

Finbox Position - With the invert-V hydro effect the board glides more fre over the water which allowed us to put the finbox at 9cm. The additional area behind the fin gives more lift and improves not only the early planing and acceleration, but lets the board glide in a very steady sailing position even in the strongest gusts.

Strap Position - As the board rides steadily and controllable due to the more forward position of the finbox we were able to balance the strap position trim further back and move the rotation point further forward so the board can turn further into the wind and improve the upwind angle.

Cutouts - New geometry to balance the whole new concept of invert-V, finbox and strap position. Step cutout to reduce the quantity of nylon spacers and inset depth for the adjustable cutout plate to save weight.

Adjustable Cutouts - The new adjustable cutout plates are designed to switch from left to right and use them for lateral or longitudinal stabilisation.

Adjustable Wings - The key feature for the ISAF "one board rule". It gives the adavantage to trim the board for all kinds of rider styles and sailing confitions. The tail/ strap width can be adjusted from 86.5cm up to 94.5cm.



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