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What could be better than having team riders whose biggest concern for next season's board is the colour of its graphics? Well, our graphic statement is clear, so you can rest assured we dedicate our time to making sure the shape is the best it can possibly be. Simply put, the FreeStyle is an incredibly easy board to sail - it planes early, is quick to accelerate, has a great top speed and pops, slides and carves with complete control. With this board you can fully concentrate on your moves, your style and be out there on the water for hours without tiring, so you can train hard for competitions or just have fun busting out your best moves and learning new tricks. 









tail width

at 300mm

nose width

at 2000mm



fin box

FreeStyle 90








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It's obvious that these boards need to be ready to take all kinds of impact from moves that don't go quite as planned. And, as tough as we make them, it's just not possible to avoid damage altogether, especially when the board is pushed to the extremes. However, we can proudly say that we probably have the strongest boards on the market. Carbon/Kevlar is the material combination we choose for both the deck and bottom to build a light and solid board that still allows a minor degree of flexibility. To protect the Kevlar from harsh UV-rays, allow the lightest possible finish and match our uniform graphic identity, the fibre is laminated with black resin and finished with a white coat which is sanded back by around 75%.

Technology - Composite Semi Custom Sandwich 

Core Material - EPS (Styrofoam) 

Sandwish Material - PVC Sheet 

Final Lamination - Deck: Full Carbon/Kevlar 90°-90° (Black Resin) / Bottom: Full Carbon/Kevlar 90°-90° (Black Resin)




Shape Details

Scoop Rocker Line - The bottom curve has been taken from the Slalom range and adapted in the nose area to have a bit more height. Early planing, acceleration and top speed are the main performance aspects you need before you pop the board into a manoeuvre. 
Outline - Short, new-school outline which is still long enough to get the air-lift under the nose for higher jumps. The length in front of the mast-track is also needed to have enough planing surface and a flatter curve when sliding backwards to allow for the pop in to the next rotation. The "kink" in the tail outline reduces the wetted surface area for increased acceleration, top speed and easier pop. 
Bottom Shape - Flat panel V is still proven as the best all-in-one bottom shape for early planing performance, great acceleration and top speed. It also ensures the board remains reactive rail to rail and slides easily for multiple spins. 
Deck Shape - The dome in the deck area around the back footstrap allows for essential grip under the feet. A flatter deck at the front footstrap and mast-track areas increases comfort when riding switch or not standing in the straps. 

Rail Shape - Thin in the nose area to reduce weight. Boxy rails in the mid-section to avoid water sucking up the deck and to provide flotation throughout and after the moves. Medium sized rails in the tail to allow for flotation during moves whilst remaining grippy in the carve. 



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